Case Studies

Replacing A Single Tooth

Mrs. D.   

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The Problem: – “I found that when I smiled I showed a gap on the side and it always embarrassed me in photographs”

The Solution:-  A single tooth implant retained crown.

The Result:–  “I now look forward to the next wedding photographs”


Mr. W.

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The Problem:-  “As a tennis coach I found that my denture was becoming impractical”

The Solution:-  Bone grafting followed by a single implant retained crown.

The Result:-  “I now carry on my professional tennis without the worry of the  denture falling out”



Replacing Several Teeth

Mrs. D.

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The Problem:- “My teeth were loose and constantly uncomfortable”

The Solution:- Removal of loose tooth and multiple implants

The Result:- “Pain free teeth that are rock solid”


Mr. H.

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The Problem :- “The gap and discolouration of my teeth made me very self conscience”

The Solution:- Removal of teeth with poor prognosis

The Result:- “My self confidence, and my business(!) has grown.



Replacing All Teeth

Mr. P

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The Problem:- “I’ve always been ashamed of my teeth and smile”.

The Solution:- Removal of all teeth and provision of implant retained denture.

The Result:- “I can now eat and smile with the best!”